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Past Projects


We have worked with many clients on a variety of key projects. In every project, we carefully guided our clients to overcome their challenges and build effective, long-lasting solutions, with significant cost savings and greater efficiencies.

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Technology Upgrade Leading to Huge Cost Savings

Our client, Poundworld had 250 retail sites across the UK, all with slightly different lighting set-ups and all using predominantly fluorescent tube lighting.

We completed a full analysis of their site network and concluded a move to LED would both improve the appearance of their sites and in turn provide massive cost savings. Due to the volumes involved, we sourced the lights in the Far East, tested to ensure they exceeded UK standards and had them manufactured and shipped. We also sourced a number of reputable electrical contractors to simultaneously carry out the upgrades around the country and of course we oversaw the project from start to finish.

The outcome was that the client was delighted with both the visual impact of the stores and the continuity across the portfolio. The whole project cost £1.7m and the electricity savings amounted to £3.8m in the first year giving a payback in an astounding 5.5 months. 

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Process Automation Resulting in Significant Efficiencies

Our client had expanded rapidly to a £50m turnover business and their warehouse function lagged well behind. Processes were predominantly manual and subject to human error and substantial inefficiencies.

Their system required orders to be hand written, faxed through to the distribution centre, manually located from warehouse knowledge and picked in a random way, unconcerned with the requirements of other sites within the business. 

Upon a full analysis of the business current and future requirements, we came up with a solution that transformed the distribution capabilities of the business. We introduced a system where orders could be placed on-line, part managed by the buying team and co-ordinated and prioritised by the distribution management team. Warehouse locations were set-up, managed and replenished in an automated process, orders were picked using voice command technology and sites could know in advance what to expect, when to expect it and be advised of any stock shortages.

The client was not only delighted with the vast improvements but acknowledged that without these significant steps forward they would not have been able to continue their expansion. The system was continued as they moved into their new purpose built distribution centre and their turnover soared to £350m

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